Open to everyone, regardless of instructional level or professional occupation. For anyone who wants to make a contribution to the collective and common good. For corporations, institutions and government agencies looking to generate social transformation through their work.


Through short lectures, thematic workshops and professional training. Experiential and theoretical approach seeking to develop the person, the professional and the collective, so that the learning can be experienced and applied in our daily life experience.
Through the development of specific projects that empower groups, teams and communities aimed at generating social transformation.


A learning process seeking to create Systemic reconciliation at all levels: with ourselves, with our inner aspects, and with our surroundings. An invitation to recognize how we affect and are affected by the social fabric and to explore the social responsibility we each have in the creation of the collective. Aimed to nurture the individual by bringing order and harmony to their system (family or organization), it enables every person to connect with their inner strength and unleash their full potential and capacity for leadership. It is a collaborative creation where all parts interact, share knowledge and feed each other on the basis of mutual respect and care, celebrating the differences.


Because most people don´t realize how they affect and are affected by the social fabric, and manifest, without being conscious, the opposite of what they consciously desire. Because social integration projects in the world need to be revised. For despite the best of Intentions, efforts and resources offered by the government and the private sector, often the beneficiaries are unable to appreciate, care, or maintain what is given to them. This reality is being created by all of us. Each of us is responsible for this collective creation, just as we are responsible for the awakening to a new way of being and acting in life; the world.