Presentation of Essential Movements

From 1 to 2,30 hours
A free meeting seeking to raise awareness around the social responsibility that each of us has in the creation of the collective.
Through brief exercises that enable us to open up to a systemic and phenomenological view, we present the basic guidelines of Essential Movements oriented to allowing us to become aware of the way we affect and are affected by the social fabric.

* The Secretary of Childhood, Adolescence and Family of the San Isidro Municipality in Buenos Aires, Argentina, led by Gustavo Hirsch, MD, has declared this training of Interest to the Municipality for three ongoing years (Decrees N° 808/2013 N° 652 2014/15 y 2015/2016).

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In-Depth Thematic Workshops

From to 2 to 5 days
Adapted to the specific audience needs, these workshops are addressed to any person, group of professionals or organization (public or private) interested in raising awareness of their own social responsibility. The main focus is to promote connection by looking at ourselves, others and the whole in which we participate.

These are some of the themes that cann be explored in these workshops:
-Abundance, personal and professional realization.
-From “I” consciousness to “We” consciousness.
-What obstructs or enables the collaborative spirit.
-Healing boundaries; Orders of helping (burnout)
-In my own place I am strong and can give my best.
-Self-confidence; The joy of flowing with life.

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Constellations and Essential Movements

From 3 to 4 hours
The purpose is to work on what is obstructing our life from the Constellations and Essential Movements perspective, through systemic exercises and constellations that allow for a wider look and greater understanding about our life. They promote a new way of approaching difficult situations in our daily reality. They help us comprehend and assume our place, what we are accountable for and what we are not accountable for.
Addressed to persons that need to deal with:
-Affective, professional or organizational issues
-Financial issues
-Resignification of physic or mental illness

-Decision making
-Recovering life force and unfolding creative potential
-Strengthening self-esteem, emotional and/or substance dependence

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Training in Essential Movements

One year

The main focus of this work is to foster a concious outlook and attitude towards life, both in the personal as in the professional and organizational areas, taking into account the social responsibility that we all have as citizens.
It is a theorical and experiential learning process, developed in 3 modules, of 4 days each, with field work to be conducted between meetings, so that learning can be experienced, lived and applied in daily life.
It seeks to expand consciousness from the individual to the collective.

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